About Us

We are highly qualified scientists with backgrounds in Cognitive Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology. Members of our team have been applying the science from these disciplines to perception testing for more than 15 years, across many different domains involving consumer and specialist users.
We have solid, current reputations and networks within the academic research community, keeping our company in touch with the latest developments in human perception, evaluation, and decision-makingWe have expertise using the latest in neuroscientific technologies and are fully qualified to undertake projects using psychophysics, mental chronometry, eye and/or hand movement monitoring, tactility measurement, or brain activity measurement (e.g., EEG, fMRI).

We have extensive experience with authenticity perception studies involving banknotes. We have also been involved in research and consultancy for trademark disputes involving high profile brands. We have conducted a wide variety of projects for brand associations and brand owners of both luxury brands and FMCGs.

We are based in the UK and have an international client base.