High-Value Brands: What do consumers really think?

What drives product preference? What will make your product stand out in a display of similar products? What will give your product the advantage?

Practicalities drives product design and packaging decisions. But exactly how much do these decisions impact the perceived quality of the product?

At Secure Perception Research our approach is to assess how consumers judge the physical product. We aim to determine the packaging elements that drive the perception of quality. Such judgments are driven by a range of sensory cues, and all of these are taken into account. We go beyond traditional market research: We don't just ask people questions and get their verbal responses, we also measure their behavioural responses. We get people interacting with your products and provide you with quantified, concrete information about how your product is performing

  • What will give your product the advantage?
  • What drives preference?
  • How do packaging decisions affect consumer judgments? 
  • What elements of packaging are people able to perceive and use?
  • How should the product be displayed in order to create the maximum advantage?

Perception testing teases apart the potential variables, scientifically testing them using careful experimental design. It by-passes people's rationalizations and instead reveals the root causes driving preferences and behaviours.